Maker Boulder

We are growing this community, first, in support of the incredible Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest every Spring, and more broadly in support of hands-on, experiential learning.

When Dr. Temple Grandin spoke at the Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest 2015, she mentioned that two things are critical for our children. The first, she said, was engaging people with new things, and the second is to ensure that they have an opportunity to experience those new things.

Our mission is connecting Makers, Entrepreneurs and Educators. Together with the Colorado community, we’ll create a symphony of STEAM activity that involves lots of hands-on learning, gears grinding, hackers iterating and tinkerers talking — and we make it all possible in three important ways:

1. Presenting small and large events that increase access to hands-on STEAM learning

2. Creating content and training for teachers to help them incorporate Making and projects into their classrooms

3. Driving dialog around STEAM and Making through website content, blogging, social media, speaking and other methods

Join us!  Sign up for our newsletter, or volunteer to teach a class.  Buy tickets to our events. Write our blogs, or just follow us and like us!  The stone is rolling, and we want all the moss we can collect!

For more information, browse this site, or email us at: