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You Survived the Bomb Cylone – Wanna Build a Snowman?

Turn that Plain Jane Snowman into a Traffic Stopper! “Do you want to build a snowman?” “NO!” Your children exclaim. Building snowpeople can lose their charm quickly, especially when you have to spend an hour getting dressed and you’re entertaining children whose boredom meters jump off the charts with the slightest repetition.  So, now what?  […]

Bomb Cyclone Headed your Way? No Problem. With These Activities, Experiments and Projects to Keep Boredom at Bay!

Mischief with Jack Frost—Activities, Experiments and Projects to keep Kids Learning and Boredom at Bay! Winter can seem like it is going to go on forever!  Fortunately, winter can also be darn cool (and I don’t mean the temperature); I mean, there are some pretty fantabulous experiments, projects, and activitiesthat are really fun to try […]

Five Top MakerEd / EdTech Tools to Boost STEAM Education at Home!

MakerBolder wins EdTech Grant from Eduporium MakerBolder was honored to receive Eduporium’s EdTech Grant to support our upcoming Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest.  You can read more about the Grant HERE.  We love the way Eduporium is supporting in-home and in-classroom STEAM Education (and you will, too!).  Below is an article from the Eduporium team that […]

Putting a Hammer to the Glass STEM Ceiling – Current Research on Girls in Science

The glass ceiling is an invisible, but real barrier in many industries and especially in STEM related fields.  While more and more women are entering science, technology, engineering and mathematical fields, they still only make up a little over a fourth of the workforce. According to the National Girls Collaborative, only 11% of physicists and […]

Turn Lemons into Lemonade – Unusual Inspiration for Family Problem Solving

Family Problem Solving – Upside Down! Guest post created by Sara Heintzelman from Createdu.org CreatEdu worked with a high-performing charter school to explore how to foster more independence in their students as they prepared for college. Sometimes we tackle a challenge and we just hit a wall. Good ideas seem to be unattainable and it’s […]

Meet a Maker – Innovative Experiences and Andrew Donaldson

Robotics and Science and Fun… Oh My! Meet amazing maker, Andy Donaldson and his exciting new STEAM Workshop and Camp company, Innovative Experiences.  Innovative Experiences provides STEAM Workshops that include robotics, science, engineering, arts, making and more! Innovative Experience’s workshops for tween, teens, and adults with a variety of activities and costs to meet a variety […]

Building Fun with Crossbeams

Crossbeams – Building Made Easy (and Fun!) We caught up with Charles Sharman, creator of the most-excellent building toy, Crossbeams. His story is exactly what we’re all about at Maker Bolder – seeing an opportunity and making something to meet the need.  Here’s his story. The Aim of Crossbeams “Dad, can we make a maglev train?” […]