Is the Best Superhero Power the Tongue Lasso?

After dancing with Richard Simmons on the show “Who’s Line is It Anyway,” Wayne Brady quipped that he felt, “ten pounds lighter…and just a little dirty.” Dang, he makes me laugh. You know when he makes me laugh most? When they’re doing the superhero bit, that’s when. Here’s how it works: One actor leaves the room and the other actors are assigned super powers by the audience. A character gets toe jam that shields him from danger. Another can see through clothing. Another’s tongue can lasso any moving object.

You know, that kind of thing.

After the actors get their super powers, the sequestered actor comes back to the room, and has to guess what the assigned super power was by interacting with the “heroes” to solve some imagined crisis. My kids love this sketch, and always try to make up their own super hero powers to go along with what they are seeing on the TV.

The discussion goes on waaay beyond the show. For example, on day this week, my sons and I committed to take 30,000 steps (as counted by the little dictator who sits with his clicker inside those FitBit counters). As a point of reference, 30,000 steps is about 13.1 miles walking, running, crawling, etc…On the long, long (LONG!) walk, we got in to a detailed discussion which quickly degraded into a full-on argument about the BEST super power ever – is it strength? Smarts? Speed?

Somewhere around mile 11, I was voting for teleportation. Around mile 12 I started begging for the power to conjure a nice little Austrian mountain chalet with a waiter named Fritz who would rub my feet and bring me margaritas (should’ve been brandy, I know, but it was a hallucination so quit spleening me).

Later that night, when visions of Fritz had departed and my kids were melting down after a long day, I was thinking the best possible super power would be the one that would enable a Mom to calm an upset child. And today at work, I’m pretty sure I need the super power that helps you get 20 hours of work done in 5 hours. Where is that super power?

What do you think is the be-all, end-all super power? Tweet your ideas to @MakerBoulder and together, by the Power of Greyskull, we will rule the hashtag #superheroproblems!

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