Build With 10,000 Keva Planks at the Boulder Mini Maker Faire!

Keva.CastleKeva planks seem simple: they’re 1/4-inch by 3/4-inch by 4 1/2-inch wooden blocks. But like Lego, from these unassuming pieces, wondrous creations arise. For example, take a look at Keva founder Ken Schel building this structure for Dreamworks to resemble the Shrek Castle. Look even closer and you’ll see that every piece is a simple, rectangular plank. There’s not a lot of complex rules here, just, “No glue, no connectors,” says Schel.

We’re excited to announce that Schel has partnered with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the Morgridge Family Foundation to drop 10,000 Keva planks in the middle of a large building area at the Boulder Mini Maker Faire and see what happens! Get your tickets to the Jan 31-Feb 1 event HERE.

Ken says that at Maker Faires, “I find one of two kids and ask them to start building a tower. That plants a seed and it rolls from there.”

And while you’re at the Faire, you’ll want something special to build. Toward that goal, Ken hooked up Maker Boulder with these awesome plans for an “impossible” woven cube. Take a look: with no glue and no connectors, you can pick up this box and set it down in any orientation. How does that even work with planks of standardized dimensions?

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