Call For Boulder Mini Maker Faire Volunteers!

What’s the only thing better than attending the Boulder Mini Maker Faire, Jan 31-Feb1, 2015 at the Boulder County Fairgrounds? I mean, other than making at the faire? Or, let’s be honest here, maybe, like, sitting in a giant vat of Phish Food ice cream and watching YouTube news bloopers while the (former) cast of Mythbusters massages your feet?

That’s right, it’s VOLUNTEERING at the faire! Besides, this kitten wants you to volunteer. Don’t crush this kitten’s hopes and dreams. Volunteer at the faire!

We need a few good bipedal hominids to help in 4-hour shifts with tasks including the following:

  • Event Set-up all-day Friday and Saturday morning
  • Materials delivery
  • Volunteer staff support (including food and drinks)
  • Signage placement
  • Maker way-finding during check-in/move-in
  • Box office support including admissions, wristbands and waiver release signing
  • Event ambassadors to help attendees find their way
  • Security inside and outside the event (including overnight shifts)
  • Maker support throughout the event with facilities and operations
  • Announcers for speaker and demonstrations stages
  • Strike-down and move out on Sunday
  • Clean-up (which always seems to get the least volunteer sign up but is VERY important!
  • and more . . .

Volunteers will be lavishly compensated (with one free ticket, one t-shirt, and one meal per 4-hr shift), and will be lauded by all as jolly good members of the Boulder Maker community. We also offer volunteer certification for employers, schools and community organizations — if you need to or want to fulfill volunteer hours, this is your chance! Beyond that, though, volunteers at the Faires we’ve been involved with in the past always say it’s a great way to connect with makers and the making public beyond just wandering. We need your help to MAKE the faire!

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