Calling All Makers!


If you are interested in being an exhibitor at the Faire, we may be able to accommodate your activity/exhibit.  To learn more, email Anne Fellini at


About a year ago, we got in touch with the folks at Make Magazine to discuss hosting a little Maker event, maybe in an elementary school gym. We imagined a cardboard building contest, an egg drop, maybe a couple presentations by local technology toy companies. If we lived in Boise or Burlington or Bozeman that’s what it would have been. But that day on the phone, Make Magazine heard the word “Boulder” and lit up like an Arduino board when you click the upload button. They said something like, “Dude, you totally have to host a Faire!” (Except maybe with a little less Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.)

So that’s exactly what we’re doing. This January 31 and Feb 1 we are holding our inaugural Boulder Mini Maker Faire in style at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. This Faire is what we’re “making”. And we’re pretty dang proud of what we’ve made so far: the venue is gonna rock and the buzz is building. Oh yes, there will be drones. And marshmallow catapults. And electronics galore. And all sorts of interesting and odd things to view and do.

Now we need your help. That’s because all the logistics and even all the attendees in the world don’t make a Maker Faire. It’s YOU, the Makers, that make the Faire. If you’ve been to a Faire before, you know what we mean. If you haven’t come find out for yourself! We’ve seen Makers walk away from Faires with new collaborations, new investors, new awareness, new customers…or just a new appreciation for this close community of hackers, prototypers, designers, coders, toy makers, educators, sculptors, artists, wide-eyed wonderers, and somewhat indescribable iconoclasts that is the Maker community. Need inspiration? Look no further.

And Making with us opens the door to a whole new world behind the forward-facing curtain of the Faire. We’d love to write about you and help connect you through our social media with this astoundingly involved Front Range community of Maker-ish folks. And we’ll have events (TBD) just for you, the Makers of the Faire.

If you’re passionate about making stuff — anything! — come show us what you got.


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