Cardboard Challenge: ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!

This is a pile of cardboard. This is Colt standing on top of a pile of cardboard. This Saturday, you can stand on top of this pile of cardboard with Colt. Not only can you stand on it, you can rip into it with zeal and gusto and perhapd even aplomb to build whatever cardboard monstrosities you can possibly imagine. We’ll be building arcade games and boxtrolls. You can build a city or a maze or a robot or a VAMPIRE SQUID ROBOT! Or you can built NOT A VAMPIRE SQUID ROBOT!

Help us rip into this pile of cardboard. The ball drops at 10am on Saturday the 11th at Horizons K-8 in Boulder. We’re expecting a heckuva turnout, so please consider coming at 10am, maybe with your own roll of duct tape and cutty-thing (in competent hands only, please). If you like, register HERE.

The event is free, but we just shelled out a ton of cash to make events like this and the Boulder Mini Maker Faire happen and could really use your help earning back our shirts. Donations appreciated at the event.


Join us This Weekend at the NoCo Mini Maker Faire!

Did you know that the expression “chomping at the bit” is more correctly “champing at the bit”? If either describes your anticipation of the Boulder Mini Maker Faire, which seems impossibly far away at Jan 30-Feb 1, then please consider whetting your appetite (not “wetting” your appetite) this weekend at the NoCo Mini Maker Faire in Loveland!

Read more and Horizons K-8 Host Boulder Cardboard Challenge!

Cardboard: the ultimate material. This is the voyage of the Boulder Cardboard Challenge. Its four-hour mission: to explore strange new creations, to seek out new experiences and creative challenges, to go boldly where no maker has gone before.

“Cardboard is great: you use your brain for designing and your hands for making,” says Mary Anne Zacek, co-founder of Inspired by the video Caine’s Arcade (above) and a satellite of the Imagination Foundation’s Global Cardboard Challenge, the Boulder Cardboard Challenge will go off October 11, 10:00am-2:00pm at Horizons K-8. Sign up as a team or as a lone-wolf cardboard cow-person (used as the gender-neutral term for “cowboy”). There will be creative challenges. There will be prizes awarded in what the registration page promises are “exciting categories!” The event is free for the first infinity participants to register HERE.

So get right on it.

“Cardboard is such an easy way to get kids being creative and designing whatever they want to design. They’ll be able to make arcade games or outfits for box trolls or mazes for Spheros or…whatever we can imagine!” Zacek says.

MakerBoulder has been collecting a truly awesome amount of cardboard but more is even awesomer so please consider BYOC; tape and scissors also appreciated. There will be pizza and too-healthy Boulder-ish juice drinks for sale and you are welcome to bring your own snacks as well.

Oh, and if you’re not among the 4,441,607 people who have viewed the Caine’s Arcade video on YouTube, you should really give it a click. You will cry. Plan accordingly.

“Really, it’s going to be a super fun morning of Creative Play!” Zacek says. Be like Mary Anne.

Come on down to the Boulder Cardboard Challenge and have yourself a good time.

Eventbrite - The Boulder Cardboard Games!


What’s that you say? A Mini Maker Faire in Boulder? Shut your mouth! No really, it’s true: MakerBoulder and Make Magazine are excited to bring the Boulder Mini Maker Faire to Boulder County Fairgrounds on January 31 and February 1, 2015.  Details at

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