Coalesce Teaches Creativity as Well as Tools

“I get twenty-one-year-old seniors who can code, write anything for CNC, but don’t know whether to use a screwdriver or a hammer in the shop,” says Jenny Blacklock, teaching associate professor of mechanical engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. Along with Greg VanderBeek (ME) and BJ Titchenal (Ne’er-Do-Well), Blacklock runs Coalesce, a design, fabrication and maker education space in Boulder, CO.

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SketchUp Turns Doodles Into Plans

Have you ever built a deck or a chicken coop or a bookshelf? How about the great and varied tchotchkes of 3D printing? Or bigger stuff like a shed, a boat or a house? Generally you have to draw something before you make something — be it on a napkin or CAD. But so many of us don’t draw; we don’t give ourselves permission to be creative in that way, saying we’re bad at it or we don’t know what we’re doing (sound like math to anyone? But that’s another story…). And if you do draw, then dollars to donuts that unless you’re a trained professional you’re terrified to take your doodles or plans or graphic ideas to the land of 0’s and 1’s that is your computer.

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MakerBot 3D Ecosystem Makes 3D Printing More Accessible

It’s good to have friends. Here at Maker Boulder, we need all the friends we can get. And one friend who has been especially friendly is MakerBot — you know, the 3D printing juggernaut that offers desktop 3D printers and seamless softwares that make 3D printing actually work (as opposed to, you know, the DIY printer that’s sitting in my garage right now half built…).

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SparkFun Sponsors, TinkerMill Hosts Fri Night Maker Happy Hour

Are you making at this weekend’s Boulder Mini Maker Faire? If so, join us after load-in on Friday evening for a Maker Meet and Greet (and Hopefully Dance Party) at TinkerMill, Colorado’s biggest makerspace, courtesy of main sponsor, SparkFun, catering by Spice of Life, and two (2! Yay!) kegs provided by Fiction Beer.

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Need Advice From a CTO? Talk to Daniel at 9-1-1 Labs

We at Maker Boulder would love to send a huge shout-out to Daniel Zacek at 9-1-1 Labs for his astounding help with the Boulder Mini Maker Faire! From tech to design to making and printing “passports” that mini makers can get stamped at the Faire, Daniel and 9-1-1 have been essential to making the magic happen.

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Get Your Boulder Mini Maker Faire Program Here!

OMG, OMG, it’s really happening! Click the link to download your printable program for the Boulder Mini Maker Faire, 2015, or scroll and squint to discover all the goodies the Faire has to offer!

Boulder Mini MakerFaire PROGRAM



Hello Makers! Show time is coming up fast!  We have some logistics items that we need to share with you, sooo…. attached is the glorious, gorgeous Maker Manual which contains specifics about the faire.  Please take 10 minutes to read through the manual (or shorter, if you read fast and comprehend quickly, which I’m sure you do!) so you can get familiar with the operations of the faire.  Here are important highlights!

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Calling All Boulder Mini Maker Faire Volunteers!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to support the first-ever Boulder Mini Maker Faire! This is going to be a fantastic event and your help is greatly appreciated (and needed!) to make it even better. It’s also a heck of a lot of fun to get involved — so we can’t wait to see you there!

In general we will need some help in the run up to the show with several aspects of the event. Then the biggest help will be needed during the show. And don’t forget: you get a super cool T-Shirt, food and drinks during your shift, and one General Admission ticket for each 4-hour shift. We can’t wait to get together and get our MAKE on!

So straight to the details. We’ll need help with the following:

Event set-up all-day Friday and Saturday mornings:

Materials delivery
Volunteer staff support (including food and drinks)
Maker way-finding during check-in/move-in

Box office support including admissions, wristbands and waiver release signing
Event ambassadors to help attendees find their way
Security inside and outside the event (including overnight shifts)
Maker support throughout the event with facilities and operations
Announcers for speaker and demonstrations stages

Strike-down and move out
Clean-up (which always seems to get the least volunteer sign up but is VERY important!)
And more cool opportunities to actually MAKE the experience by helping Makers in their booths!!

The shift schedule will be in 4-hour intervals (up to 8-hours max per day) and will range over a period from 7am-10pm depending on the day. We will have some lead-up events that you may want to participate in, including driving to pick up food donations and other supplies.

Please provide some basic information to help us start to place you around the event. Just email the following information to If you need more info, the email’s a great way to go, or you can feel free to call Jeff Scott, our supreme deity of Operations and Volunteer Coordination, at 303.859.2177.

Full name:
City of Residence:
Able to lift 40lbs or more:
Best cell or text number:
Spoken Languages:
Other skills that might help:

Please call/email/text me with any other questions, and we look forward to working with you to make this first Mini Maker Faire in Boulder spectacular!

How a Maker Faire Collaboration Fixed a 20-Foot Tesla Coil

Have you ever wondered exactly what the heck a Maker Faire is all about? And why you would want to be involved as a VOLUNTEER, a MAKER or an ATTENDEE at the Boulder Mini Maker Faire, Jan 31-Feb 1? Let Jeff Scott answer all your burning questions. Jeff is the estimable guru of all things facilities and volunteers for Maker Boulder. Mssr. Scott did the same for last year’s Denver Mini Maker Faire and tells the following story of collaboration that could only have come from a room full of makers, hackers and tinkerers. You want to know what a Maker Faire is all about? Keep reading…

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Call For Boulder Mini Maker Faire Volunteers!

What’s the only thing better than attending the Boulder Mini Maker Faire, Jan 31-Feb1, 2015 at the Boulder County Fairgrounds? I mean, other than making at the faire? Or, let’s be honest here, maybe, like, sitting in a giant vat of Phish Food ice cream and watching YouTube news bloopers while the (former) cast of Mythbusters massages your feet?

That’s right, it’s VOLUNTEERING at the faire! Besides, this kitten wants you to volunteer. Don’t crush this kitten’s hopes and dreams. Volunteer at the faire!

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