Drink & Draw: Strategic Illustration Expert, Chris Chopyak, Offers Boulder Workshop!

The internet doesn’t lie: people would rather look at your information than read it. That’s why an infographic goes viral while a white paper with the same information lives in the backwaters of your company blog ne’er to be read again. And when the human brain plans things — be it a business strategy or a book idea — we don’t see it in sentences; we “see” it in pictures. International visual communications expert, Chris Chopyak, knows how you can see it better. Her book Picture Your Business Strategy details the brush strokes of the winning strategic illustration methods she’s used with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to basement startups.

We’re thrilled to announce that Chris is bringing her expertise to Boulder on December 4, with a strategic illustration “Drink & Draw” offered at Mackintosh Academy from 6:00-8:00pm. The workshop requires NO ARTISTIC TALENT. Really, it ain’t the power of your pen but the power of the ideas communicated carefully through the pen that make a successful illustration and Chris will help intrepid illustrators of all levels of experience and expertise crystalize ideas through pictures.

Chris says, “Join us for a wonderful evening of socializing, laughing and drawing. We will supply a notebook, some markers, and provide appetizers. You bring a bottle of your favorite beverage & willingness to be creative. Chris will get you drawing fun pictures, icons, and images that you can use in your everyday life.”

Whether you’re a business communications expert looking to take your organization’s use of visual media to the next level, a concerned consumer of infographics (and alcoholic beverages!), or an idea person interested in learning how simple doodles can help create understanding and excitement in the wider world, Chris has got you covered.

Space is limited and we expect a full house so please do not be a slacker or reprobate and consider REGISTERING HERE very soon.


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