Girls Explore Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Arts and Making

This Girls Explore team is attempting to build the tallest tower possible with just tape, and spaghetti!

Maker Bolder is proud to announce our exciting, experiential, Girls Explore series.  Our first event, Girls Explore STEM, was February 5th, 2016.  We sold out and had a waitlist!

Girls from middle schools and high schools around the Rocky Mountains brought their parents and enjoyed a night of hands-on learning, problem solving, and creativity.

Maker Bolder intends to add new Girls Explore events on a regular basis.  Do you have great ideas or special requests?  Let us know!

Programs for Adults, Families and Children

Maker Bolder’s mission for Girls Explore is to create opportunities for girls and women to have experiences they do not typically find.  These experiences include:

  • Hands-on problem solving
  • Networking events
  • Problem solving challenges
  • Puzzles and perplexors
  • Experiments
  • Design thinking challenges
  • Rapid prototyping sessions

We welcome your ideas about what you’d like to learn, speakers you would like to see, and locations that could host amazing events for girls of all ages.  Please contact us to tell us!

Past Events:

Girls Explore Arts and Making

Girls Explore Entrepreneurship

Father and daughter work together to explore the Marshmallow Challenge.

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