Got Law? If You’re an Entrepreneur, Talk to Modus

Law is a Rube Goldberg machine, designed to do seemingly simple tasks in the most complex and inefficient ways imaginable. This can be especially frustrating for entrepreneurs. You want to draw up your founding papers, write a contract, protect or divvy up intellectual property? It seems like it’s going to take 52 steps filled with fans blowing beach balls across ramps, which trips a mousetrap, which launches a paper airplane, which frightens a cat, which somehow magically means that your legal ducks are in a row.

That is, unless you head into the Spruce Street office for a chat with the people at Modus Law.

Maker Boulder did and, phew, did it simplify our lives and brains. See, on the way to the Boulder Mini Maker Faire, there were just enough legal sticking points to make going without documents seem like sticking our necks out a bit too far across that metaphorical chopping block. Modus nailed it: founding documents, check; contracts, check; just having the peace of mind that everyone within the organization knows what role he/she holds and the compensation that is due on the back end, check.

You make things. Maybe you even know how to bring these things to market. But do you want to float the whole system in a legal boat that may or may not be taking on water? No way. Hear ye, hear ye entrepreneurs of Boulder and beyond: caulketh thine holes!

And from our experience Modus Law is a darn good way to do it. A HUGE THANKS from everyone here at Maker Boulder to everyone there are Modus for helping us out when we needed it!

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