Innovation in Education Summit

Calling all educators!  Are you interested in exploring the world of Making, Design Thinking, and Innovation?  Do you want to take part in FUN, Hands on, Amazing workshops and seminars designed to help you inspire and engage your students while teaching 21st century skills?

Maker Boulder is bringing together an amazing diversity of makers, educators, experts, thought leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs from the Boulder area and beyond to share experience, information, and enthusiasm. Collectively we will learn about innovation as a way of thinking and collaborate to discover how to bring making, hacking, design thinking and entrepreneurship into our classrooms, schools, and communities. Our experts will provide classes, seminars and presentations to demonstrate not only the techniques of making but also how the skills making requires and trains promote the goals of modern S.T.E.A.M education and curriculum. Bringing the opportunity for educators of all kinds together at the Faire is key to building a community that will last long past one joyous, frenzied weekend in January.

Join us at the Boulder Mini Maker Faire on January 31st and February 1st.  You will get to explore amazing hands on learning opportunities at the Faire itself and join other educators in seminars and workshops designed to engage, teach and inspire.  We want you to share your knowledge and experience with the group!

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