Join us This Weekend at the NoCo Mini Maker Faire!

Did you know that the expression “chomping at the bit” is more correctly “champing at the bit”? If either describes your anticipation of the Boulder Mini Maker Faire, which seems impossibly far away at Jan 30-Feb 1, then please consider whetting your appetite (not “wetting” your appetite) this weekend at the NoCo Mini Maker Faire in Loveland!

The faire includes a fire-breathing, laser shooting 30-foot tall Robot Resurrection and all the hands-on and minds-on activities you can shake a stick at. Maker Boulder will be there too! Stop by our booth 10a-5p on Sat and 10a-3p on Sun for what we lovingly call “Destroy & Create”.

Thanks to Savers in Boulder for their donation of a large quantity of old electronics. We will be ripping them apart into little bits. And then in combination with a pile of other goodies including but not limited to duct tape, we will be reassembling new, Frankenstinian creations from the ashes (not to mix metaphors or anything).

In fact, the only difference between our booth and the good Doctor’s laboratory as imagined by Mary Shelly is that we will not be exhuming and installing human brains in our creations and they are somewhat less likely to come alive and accidentally kill people in a mistaken quest to be left alone by pitchfork-wielding humanity.

Oh, and we will have little cardboard robots sitting around to offer inspiration. Yay!

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