Make Eggshell Geodes With Connections Academy

Look in the hills of the Front Range and you’ll find crystals like quartz and shiny minerals like laminated sheets of mica. Up the Big Thompson and St. Vrain, my kids and I know caves lined with them. Take quartz home and chuck it in the rock tumbler for a couple days and you’ve got a pearlescent stone perfect for school show and tell. But find a geode and you’ve got a dragon egg. There is nothing like cracking open a drab rock and seeing the insides shimmer. This activity from Connections Academy will help you make your own.

I came across Connections because Colorado Connections Academy is exhibiting at the Boulder Mini Maker Faire, Jan 31-Feb 1, 2015 (you still have two days left to get your early bird tickets!). There are more and more accredited, hybrid online/in-person school programs to choose from these days — either for home school support or as a curriculum for self-motivated learners who may not fit in the square holes of traditional education. But when I chatted with Marco, Editor in Chief of the Connections Academy blog, he opened my eyes to one thing that makes Connections special: a treasure trove of hands-on activities, all available online. Here’s a taste. And stay tuned to Maker Boulder for more of the best activities curated from Connections.

Eggshell Geodes - Instructographic

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