Maker Mania #6: Friends’ School, Mackintosh Academy, Connections Academy, DMNS, Zanjibil Organics

The Faire is upon us, dear Boulderites, Boulderinos and various surrounding Boulderphillics! Or at least it will be upon us come Jan 31 – Feb 1 at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. And that means MAKERS galore! Join us here in the next few weeks as we preview the awesomeness that will be at the core of the Faire.

Friends’ School Boulder: Friends’ School pom-pom blasters. Challenge yourself using various types of pom- poms, balloons, and cups to make a blaster. See how different materials can make a blaster more accurate, more powerful, and just more all- around amazing. Friends’ School offers an independent, secular, coeducational program for children in Preschool through Grade 5 and a Teacher Preparation Program for teachers with a Bachelor’s degree.

Mackintosh Academy: How far can you fling? While catapults are a simple machine, we’ll help kids and adults alike discover the full range of possibilities. From small craft inventions, to build trebuchets to giant catapults that can fling up to 40+ ft. Try your hand at hitting targets large and small or be part of the catapult design and build Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Colorado Connections Academy: What can you do with one piece of paper? A few folds, a couple of adjustments and you have the superb paper flyers! Experience the science of making paper airplanes.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science: Have you ever wanted to build a rocket and shoot it off? Here is your chance. Create your own rocket using OUR supplies and YOUR engineering and artistic talents. Attach your rocket to our rocket launcher. Pump up the air- pressure. And then launch! Lots of Fun.

Zanjibil Organics: Handmade Organic Bath and Beauty Products Demonstrations and testing of the products are allowed and encouraged!


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