Maker Mania #7: LEGO Rube Goldberg, LulzBot, Arrister, Geekify, Healing Poetry

The Faire is upon us, dear Boulderites, Boulderinos and various surrounding Boulderphillics! Or at least it will be upon us come Jan 31 – Feb 1 at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. And that means MAKERS galore! Join us here in the next few weeks as we preview the awesomeness that will be at the core of the Faire.

Play Well: Come see a massive machine in the style of a Rube Goldberg invention out of LEGO! Learn how to build a variety of motorized devices such as an air compressor, scissor lift invention, and a marble moving crankshaft in this advanced engineering project. Creativity and collaboration are the name of the game in this presentation designed for the hardcore LEGO enthusiast.

Geekify Inc: We’ll be showcasing our musical Tesla coils, laser cutting, 3D printing, ferrofluid displays, and geeky device covers :). We’re a hackerspace meets mad scientist lab, fused with commercial venture to bring geek flavor to the world!

Arrister: Arrister is a new, custom wood furniture company. We are using open source software to allow people to make a custom sized piece of furniture on our website using a desktop or mobile device. Your order is then automatically converted into a manufacturing order, where your product is made for your unique space. Finally, furniture that fits!

Lexi Delgado: Community healing poetry performance. Artistic alternative grief therapy workshop.

 3D Printers: We plan to demonstrate the LulzBot TAZ and LulzBot Mini desktop 3D printers. The machines will be creating objects for attendees throughout the event. We will also have hands-on print samples displaying the wide variety of 3D printing materials available today including rubber-, wood-, and metal- like. LulzBot desktop 3D printers are a product line of Aleph Objects, Inc., an Open Source Hardware company founded in January 2011 and headquarteredinLoveland, Colorado, USA.



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