Maker Mania #8: Rikki’s Tropicals, Openponics, Gizmo Dojo, Deccibulz, Colorado Quilting

The Faire is upon us, dear Boulderites, Boulderinos and various surrounding Boulderphillics! Or at least it will be upon us come Jan 31 – Feb 1 at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. And that means MAKERS galore! Join us here in the next few weeks as we preview the awesomeness that will be at the core of the Faire.

Rikki’s Tropicals: Learn about air plants! Create your terrarium. We will supply air plants and orchids, stones, cord to hang the terrariums once finished, beads etc. The customer leaves with an easy do it yourself project they can be proud of and care instructions to ensure a healthy plant.

Openponics: Openponics is dedicated to providing easy-to-use and affordable open source electronics for monitoring and automating aquaponic and hydroponic systems.

The Gizmo Dojo: We are The Gizmo Dojo, and we’re bringing a Makerspace to Broomfield! We’re a non- profit on our way to opening a brand new Makerspace. We have a paintapult, which is an enclosed area where we fling paint using a catapult. It’s fairly large…

Deccibulz Custom Earphones: Decibullz are a DIY custom molded earphones. Decibullz are easily and quickly molded by the user to the exact shape of his or her ears. This creates a perfect fitting earphone that never hurts and never falls out. We will have a station where people can play with and create with our unique thermoplastic material we have developed. We will also be molding up earplugs.

Colorado Quilting Council: Learn to quilt! And see some beautiful examples from around the state of Colorado.

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