Maker Mania #9: Kodo Kids, Computers to Youth, JAKE’s Toy Box, Tunisian Crochet, Silicognition, Hey Chicken!

The Faire is upon us, dear Boulderites, Boulderinos and various surrounding Boulderphillics! Or at least it will be upon us come Jan 31 – Feb 1 at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. And that means MAKERS galore! Join us here in the next few weeks as we preview the awesomeness that will be at the core of the Faire.

Kodo Kids: Innovative tools for young childrens explorative learning. Lots of loose parts for the younger crowd to build with, problem solve, and explore their physical world.

Computers to Youth: Computers to Youth is the University of Colorado’s student-lead program to protect the environment from harmful computer waste while providing high school students from low-income communities around Colorado with upgraded computers and hands-on training from CU student mentors. C2Y will demonstrate its innovative curriculum and mentoring by enabling visitors to see actual training between a CU student and a high school youth. At a computer workstation, youth and mentor will interact as training is conducted for the public to see first-hand. An accompanying hand-out will enable visitors to follow along with quick quiz answers to prompt their understanding. An open computer will be displayed and key components passed around for visitors to touch and try to identify.

Jake’s Toy Box: JAKE’s Toy Box specializes in Toy and Games that are both educational and interesting to those whom enjoy Making/Tinkering. Our products are also great introductions into real time brain food. Are you ready for a Creative Whack upside your head? Come and play with The Ball of Whacks if your ready or how about simply exploring the dexterity complexities of the Perplexus? Are you interested in learning to code Robot Turtles? All three of these activities plus a very special and RARE Berg Pedal Kart. Electric assist and it seats four. We might even have a dirt are a to run it on so be certain to check out our booth.

Tunisian Crochet Demo: I will demonstrate how to make head wraps using a Tunisian Crochet Technique which is done with a long crochet or afghan hook. This technique allows you to create many stitches that look similar to knit stitches.

Silicognition LLC: Embedded systems, Circuit design, PCB layout, Firmware / Software, Web enabling, Cloud systems LiFePO4wered/USB.

Hey Chicken! Coop Automation: The Hey Chicken! project seeks to solve the age old problem of ensuring your backyard flock is safe and cozy, even when you are away from home. Our design uses an Arduino Uno, Wifi Shield, and various sensors to detect the state of the coop like temperature, light, and whether the chickens are roosting to ultimately determine what the door and heater should be doing at that moment. A server on the local network functions as the “brains” of the operation and wirelessly runs the automation based on the coop conditions the Arduino is reporting. Of course, this project would not be complete without a remote control panel iOS app that can be used to control the chicken door and heater, or just to spy on your flock via a coop webcam.

CU Idea Forge: The Idea Forge is an interdisciplinary engineering program within the University of Colorado featuring several different resources for makers including a Machine Shop, Electronics Lab, and Makerspace. Idea Forge will host an wlectronic greeting card activity: Learn about conductive paint, create basic electronic circuits, color your own greeting card and bring it home.


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