Meet a Maker: Alicia Gibb with Lunchbox Electronics

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I’m Alicia Gibb, CEO,Alicia.Gibb_ Lunchbox Electronics: I’m a woman-owned company, I taught myself electronics at NYCResistor, a hackerspace in Brooklyn, and now live in Boulder, creating the thing I’ve always wanted: Light-up bricks to build with, because yes, I still play with Legos. I just launched my first Kickstarter for said light up bricks.

What do you make?

Currently I’m making Build Upons for my Kickstarter. Build Upons are awesomely tiny light up bricks that are compatible with LEGO® bricks! Think Lego, but now with more geek.

Light up your robot, house, spaceship, or monster! The Build Upons system has three types of bricks: an LED brick, agibba power brick, and a bridge brick. Light the LED bricks by connecting them to a Power Brick – you can design pathways with as many Bridge Bricks as you need for ultimate flexibility. Build Upons LED bricks are based on 1×1 bricks to create elegant designs. You don’t need to know electronics to use these bricks, you simply build, just like you’ve always done!

This is the latest in STEAM products that will be ready in time for the holidays! Build Upons are a great gift idea for the kids in your life, including that kid that never grew up.

How did you get started making and why?

Like most people, I started before I can remember, and have always continued through my life.

agibb2What’s the most amazing, unusual (craziest) thing you’ve ever made?

I used to make a lot of what I call Cake Hacks, lighting up cakes, putting music in cakes, or making them wiggle around with motors.

What is your advice for people looking to do what you do or make what you make?

My advice is that you should always look at things from all angles and especially underneath. The best part about hardware hacking is learning how to break things and put them back together. Don’t be afraid to be a hacker and use things for their unintended purpose!

Where do you see your making going in the next 3 to 5 years?

Definitely into the future! Continuing to make science fiction science fact.

What do you wish you could make but don’t know how to (yet)?

I don’t yet know how to make dissolvable support material for my Lulzbot, but I’m thinking soap or Plasticine might be an interesting start.

Bonus question: Who would you like to see answer these questions?

Solid State Depot

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