Need Advice From a CTO? Talk to Daniel at 9-1-1 Labs

We at Maker Boulder would love to send a huge shout-out to Daniel Zacek at 9-1-1 Labs for his astounding help with the Boulder Mini Maker Faire! From tech to design to making and printing “passports” that mini makers can get stamped at the Faire, Daniel and 9-1-1 have been essential to making the magic happen.

Daniel has helped shepherd us into existence and if you’re a maker or entrepreneur in the Boulder community, he can do the same for you. See, you can get your app, site, or software built pretty much anywhere. But there are only a few gurus in town who have taken enough passes through the tech startup system to act as mentor and adviser in addition to designer. Daniel is one of those gurus — a serial entrepreneur with three successful exits, and has built mission-critical software for public safety, including being part of the team that delivered the first text message directly to 911. Now his expertise as a startup CTO can help you build your software right the first time.

“For us, there’s nothing more exciting than beginnings. Whether you have a working prototype or just an idea, we want to help you get to your next stage: users, traction, Series A, etc. We do ‘all things technical’ for early-stage startups: development, architecture, technical operations, and 24/7 support,” Daniel writes.

It’s like renting an experienced, expert technical co-founder, right when you need it most.

“There will come a time when you have enough revenue (or VC money) for a trendy Pearl Street office, a game room, and a kegerator.  Until then, your money should be going into your product,” Daniel says.

If you need technical help and/or the direction that could lead to a kegerator, please consider getting in touch with Daniel. We know firsthand that he’ll get it built.

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