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We are thrilled to partner with @MakerBolder and Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest to celebrate all things creative, imaginative and exploratory. Experience Science, Technology,  Entrepreneurship (invention!), Arts and Making at every turn.  (Facebook Event – LINK HERE)

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Boulder County Fairgrounds

Tickets: www.GOSTEAMFest.com

Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest is two full days of Arts to Science, Engineering to Makers — there are inventions, experiments, and wonderment at every turn — over 90 exhibits and over 125 activities. Roll your sleeves up and get ready to explore and experience learning. Exhibits range from LEDs to human-sized Minecraft and a B-25 cockpit (yep, you read it right!)

  • Robots and Coding
  • Science in action
  • Sewing and yarn work
  • Aerospace exhibits
  • Cardboard Challenge
  • Model Trains
  • Making, building, math, engineering…
  • Fantastic Food Trucks
  • So much more!