Let the games begin!

The Rover Rally is STEAM Fest’s answer to autonomous vehicle challenge and adventure. (Keep scrolling down for the sign-up sheet.)

There are three challenging and exciting events (get the rules here):

  • THE BARREL RACE – In this competition an autonomous vehicle will attempt to complete a figure-8 around to large barrels with a perimeter wall around the course.  This will be a timed event.
  • CLOSEST TO THE PIN – Like the traditional golf challenge, autonomous rovers will have to travel across the parking lot to arrive at a target on the ground.  Score will be the distance from the center of the target.
  • LAUNCH RAMP LONG JUMP – This mostly a photo opportunity. 🙂  Manually-controlled rovers will compete for distance as they launch off of a 3-foot high launch ramp.
Compete in just one, or all three!  You can see video and slides of our last event by clicking here.

Brian at Rover Rally also shared this wonderful video about his awesome “off road” robots – they’re a great way to learn about robots, learn computer coding, and have fun!  He’ll have some of the robots at the STEAM Fest.

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