Breaking up the Boredom in 2020

Spring fever is definitely a legitimate affliction.. and now that we’re social distancing… or maybe straight up quarantined, spring fever could be in high gear at your house. I know it is at ours, and our schools are closed for two and a half more weeks. Fortunately, there are cures. The first course of action is getting outside every possible second that you and your kids can. When the week starts, I check the weather forecasts to determine the days that we can get outside. Secondly, I plan, plan for when can’t and plan for when we can!


Scavenger hunts are always a lot of fun! Check out all these lists on Pinterest. We also made a Scavenger Hunt list for you earlier this year. The lists include hunts around town, at the park, and even around your home. They will keep kids entertained and busy! The best part is that regardless of whether the weather is a lion or a lamb, you have a fun way to spend time together.

Battle Time

Nerf wars are the best (at least they are for my family). The mega guns and bullets are ideal because they are easy to load, and the bullets don’t do damage to anyone or anything indoors and outdoors. Also, you can play it rain or shine depending on the weather. Our favorite game is called “Three” (very creative). We give each other three lives. When you lose all three lives you are out of the game and have to wait for the start of the next. When we couldn’t run through the house or get outdoors, we would set up action figures 10 feet away and have target practice. We’d have Nerf Olympics and see who could hit the most targets in the shortest amount of time. You could even do it outdoors and have a course where you run and jump and then have to stop, crouch and hit your targets.

Speaking of a “course,” if you can get outside, build a fun ninja warrior course! They are all the rage and springing up in almost every city. Longmont has Warrior Playground, Lafayette has Ninja Nation, and right here in Boulder, we have Superhuman Academy. These are great ways to get out the pent up energy when rain is in the forecast. But, when you and the kids can get outside, it’s a wonderful family project to build your own course in your own backyard. You can use things that most homes already have like 2’ by 4’s, those soccer cones you have from when you coached, hula hoops, ropes and even your swing set. Or you and your kids can get on your engineering hats and come up with a course that may take some time build, but that will keep you all busy and having fun for years to come! Here are a few sites to help you get started: Ninja Warrior Blueprints, Remodelaholic, and

Game Time

Hide-n-seek is probably a no brainer, but it is so fun that it has to be mentioned. There are some fun variations for when you have to be indoors. Try playing in the dark with flashlights down in the basement. Get together all the squirt guns and play hide-n-go seek outside when the weather permits.


If you remember, we talked about geocaching earlier this year. What a fun family activity to do when you have the opportunity to get outside! Drive to a local park or recreation area where there are a number of caches and let your kids loose to treasure hunt. Before you go out, consider making some treasures to exchange or add to the boxes: a friendship bracelet, a piece of art, a homemade key chain or have them gather up all those little toys that you accidentally step on or that get stuck in the vacuum. 

Snack Time

When your kiddos are trapped inside, get your kids involved in planning and prepping snacks and meals. Have them help you with the grocery list and take them shopping. Make each of them responsible for finding 10 items on the list and see who can get done first (no running)! Teach them proper food preparation. For those competitors in your family, you can also have a snack-making Top Chef contest. Each member of the family can give points for favorite snacks. Total up the scores after a week or two. 

The good news about Spring Fever is, at worst it will last for a couple more months. At best, we may be able to get outdoors most every day of the week. Should the prior be our reality, add a few of these ideas to your rotation of medicines to cure your family’s ailments, then do a Spring Fever dance, and hopefully soon we will be fully recovered. 

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