STEAM Activities to Keep the Winter Blues Away

The holidays are over and a long winter is upon us. To break up those snow days or long weekends indoors, here are a few STEAM activities that will keep idle hands busy and young imaginations active. Of course, there’s STEAMFest in March… but other than that… 😉 here are some fun ideas… 

Aluminum foil is one of the coolest mediums for art.  Kids can create all kinds of artwork using this versatile and tactile material. Have kids recreate three dimensional figures/sculptures performing one of many of winter’s fun activities including ice skating, skiing, or sledding! They can create the skis and sled out of popsicle sticks. A great extension to the sculptures is having kids draw the figures. Having a 3D model helps kids to advance their drawing skills from stick figures to lifelike (or more lifelike)! There are any number fun and cool activities you can do with the leftover tin foil; check out this one.

Snowflakes really are beautiful and unique. If your children haven’t ever examined them up close, then they need to, and so do you! Put a piece of black construction paper in the freezer, then take it outside and let the flakes land on it. Using a magnifying glass, you all can examine and see the intricate and beautiful designs of snowflakes. After observations are complete any number of fun and unique snowflake art projects like the one at Kitchen Table Classroom are in order!

Creating your own snow indoors is another great way to break the winter blues; 123 Homeschool gives you directions for making your very own snow. Grab some action figures or artic figurines and your kids have an Arctic wonderland for hours of imaginative play. 

Creating slime may be yesterday’s fad, but this cool glittery snowball slime from Homeschool Preschool is too cool to miss out on. Grab some small foam beads and some iridescent glitter, and you kids will have themselves a cool calming ball of slime.

If you and your kiddos need time outdoors before you all go crazy, encourage them to hone their survival skills. With this video on YouTube, they can learn how to make their very own snowshoes from a ball of twine and some branches from evergreen trees. Or, if your kids need more of a challenge, Boy’s Life has a stellar set of directions for a “cooler than store bought” version.

A fun little outdoor scavenger hunt for sticks can lead to a little down time away from your restless kids, and can be the start of a fun project. With the sticks they collect, they can create one of these fun long homes on Inspiration Labratories.  If sticks aren’t available, you can always provide your kiddos with a big box of Q-tips and have them create the biggest and strongest home possible. They can also problem-solve how they will keep them together. Another tried and true building material are those tubs of Legos. The Discovery Center of Idaho has 10 Lego challenges for your budding engineers like building the sturdiest tower and an earthquake-proof skyscraper. 

Winter blues don’t have to be a thing. There are a ton of weather beaters on Pinterest to help you and your kids survive hibernation and survive until spring! 

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