Bring out your drones.  Bring out your drones.

Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest is delighted to have the entire indoor arena at the Boulder County Fairgrounds dedicated to exciting and challenging drone events.

  • Agility and Race courses – featuring hoops, hurdles and turns – or more open “speed” style courses.  Can you fly your drone through the course, without hitting obstacles, and complete the course in the fastest time?
  • Battles – got an old drone that’s a warrior?  Or a new drone you want to take to the “cage”?  Throughout the STEAM Fest, there will be scheduled times for drone battles.  Are you ready to rumble?

Complete details are still in the works.  If you’re interested in helping to coordinate and/or plan the Drone Zone, please complete email us at:

You must download and sign the Waiver and Safety Guidelines before participating.  Please click HERE to download the document, sign it and bring it with you to the competition.

Check back here for updates, or sign up and you’ll automatically be included in updates as they become available.

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