What an Amazing Lineup!

We have two days of exciting presentations, events, competitions, and panels, and hands on workshops.

View the handy map so you can orient yourself to the 4 main areas of amazement and wonder.

Curiosity Classroom

Drone Events


Combat Robots

Robot Workshop

Curiosity Classroom Schedule

An intimate classroom located in the Curiosity Hall (south west corner).  These classes are hands-on and so much fun!


11:00-11:50 am -Intro to 3D printing for artist engineers!!

presented by Mahi and Matt from Hypatia Studios LLC

3D printers are becoming more and more common, but what can YOU do with them? We will discuss common types of printers and their strengths and weaknesses, software that you can use to make your own designs, and how to get your designs printed if you don’t own your own printer. Come see design software demos and lots of 3D printed examples!

12:00-1:20 pm – Building empathy: Making great things together

presented by Christie Veitch of Workbench Platform

Parents and kids will team up to practice creative making and the design process with a fun challenge. Can partners design, prototype, and test something that’s intended for their partner to use? We’ll be practicing crazy creativity, prototyping, and building empathy and listening along the way. This workshop targets kids ages 7 – 12 and their parents. Parents and children should plan to actively work together as a team during this workshop (no child drop off)!

1:30-2:50 pm – Drones – Trends, Trials, and Triumphs

presented by Steve Lanaghen of Boulder Drones Enthusiasts and Boulder Emergency Squad

Learn about changes in regulations and technology in unmanned aerial systems over the past year.  The popularity of drones is growing exponentially.  Steve will address what it takes to fly them legally, where they can be flown in Boulder County, how they are used today and where technology is taking them into the future.

3:00-4:40 pm – Crossbeams Team Challenge

presented by Charles Sharman of Seven:Twelve Engineering LLC

Despite the mystique of lone inventors like Tesla and Edison, engineering’s usually done as a team. Come be part of an engineering team that constructs a massive, 7-foot tall Saturn V moon rocket out of Crossbeams, an advanced construction and engineering toy.


10:30-11:20 am  -STEM and Tech in Montessori

by Jeff Gaudet of Montessori School of Denver

A look into the rise of STEM in the Montessori environment. What would Maria Montessori think of the use of technology today in the Montessori teaching environment.

11:30 am-12:20 pm – Neurodiverse Inclusive Makerspaces!

presented by Danny Combs from TACT – Teaching the Autism Community Trades

TACT will be teaching a class for teachers, students and community members on how to set up and run a makerspace for neurodiverse students. The goal is to promote inclusion and build upon strengths.


presented by Martha Lanaghen, Executive Director of Maker Bolder and Gabi Scott from Maker Bolder

Participate in the fun engineering, thinking, and planning challenge. This is a problem solving experiment for the whole family so parents you need to jump in and participate too! Great for the whole family! 

1:30-2:20pm – Family Improv

presented by Pam Farone of Careerfulness

Join nationally accomplished comedienne and teacher, Pam Farone for this fun workshop learning the basics of improvisation. You will participate in games and exercises that will introduce you to improv and allow you to experience it’s many benefits: enhanced listening, verbal expression and cooperation along with just letting go and having fun! You’ll laugh your head off!

Drone Zone

There’s racing and drone building all weekend in the Drone Zone (SE Corner of Curiosity Hall)

Saturday & Sunday

Races from 10am-3pm at The Other Guys booth. 

Demonstrations and exhibitions ongoing in Curiosity Hall and Plaza, weather permitting. Keep an eye out for 90mm tiny whoops, micro quads, dji mavic, and 250 size demos. 

Weather permitting, bigger drones will race in the Fair- grounds Picnic Area on Sunday from 10am to 3pm. (Picnic Area is at the corner of Hover and Nelson Road – south and west of Curiosity Hall)


This is our grand tent outdoors to the South of Curiosity Hall (near the food trucks).

Saturday & Sunday

3:00-4:00 pm – Special Event – Maker Happy Hour

Join us for drinks and wonderful conversation to share stories and mingle.

Combat Robot Schedule

Watch real Combat Robots smash and clash in the east half of the STEAM Arena. 


 Combat Competition all day – Finals and awards at 4:30


 Morning – come fight robots! We’ll have a few for you to try! 

1:00 pm – Battlebots Q&A from team captains from Poison Arrow, one of the ABC Battlebots TV show teams 

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm – come fight robots!

Robot Workshop Schedule

Build real robots and test them out all day at the RoboRobo booth in the southeast corner of the Imaginarium.


11:00-12:30pm – Fearless Student Competition

Driverless and Remote control bots, battle bots

1:00-1:30pm – RoboRobo Club Student Presentations
2:00-4:00 pm – RoboRobo Family United Robotics Competition

Build your own robot as a family and race/compete with other families. Sign up at the Robot Workshop, limited space available. First come, first served.


2:00 – 4:00pm – RoboRobo Family United Robotics competition

Build your own robot as a family and race/compete with other families. Sign up at the Robot Workshop, limited space available. First come, first served.