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BMMF.SparkfunSTEAM University’s objective is to connect educators of all types to tools and resources that will help them create engaging and innovative learning experiences in any environment.

Whether you are a classroom teacher, homeschooler, preacher, troupe leader, parent, or boss — you’ll find presentations from thought-leading authors, entrepreneurs, innovative practitioners and acclaimed scientists.  All in two jam-packed days of hands-on, collaborative, creative sessions.

STEAM University features three learning spaces:

  • Tab Lab – sponsored by the World Leadership School and featuring their incredible electronic learning lab
  • STEAM Workshop — round tables and collaboration classroom for workshop-style, hands-on learning (seats up to 40)
  • STEAM Speaks! – classroom style hands-on learning (seats up to 90)

STEAM University will feature hands-on learning opportunities for anyone that is teaching, educating, or just wants to learn more about STEAM Ed.

RW Temple headshot

Dr. Temple Grandin will speak at STEAM Fest on Sunday, September 6th at 2pm.

We also have the dynamic and interactive Creative Classroom – a workshop-style classroom located in the Main Exhibit Hall. This classroom has rectangular tables and seats up to 30 learners.  The MMC is where you learn everything from crochet to maximizing your Google search terms.  Just like STEAM University classrooms, Creative Classroom is open to the public – it’s unique however in that these classes are oriented towards learning to make stuff — arts and crafts, code, robots, stuff like that!

We are honored to have Temple Grandin joining us on Sunday, September 6th at 2pm to share her experiences and thoughts about hands-on education. This incredible opportunity to see Dr. Grandin should not be missed!

If you have a great story to tell about how you brought hands-on learning to life, or you are an educator with a mission to help others educate more effectively – we want YOU!  Complete our Application to Present today.

Please submit our Application to Speak by completing this form.  If you have questions, email us at info at

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