STEAMSparkleRocky Mountain STEAM Fest
Celebrating hands-on learning, inventing and fun!

S.T.E.A.M. may mean different things to different people – here’s what it means to the Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest.  This isn’t written in stone – in fact, it’s changing all the time – that’s part of the fun – we’re inventing the STEAM Fest as we go.  What do YOU want it to be?

Science_AtomRedS = Science

Organic, earth, human, beast, chemical, biological.  If it grows, morphs, is a liquid or a solid, it’s probably science. Science is so cool.  Have you seen what happens when … that’s the idea.  You want to see it, touch it, listen and watch. The more you know about science, the more you understand the world around you – and the more you can imagine things you’ve never seen before.


Tech_lightbulbGreenT = Technology

Robots, drones, Scratch, game, design.  It’s the internet of things. It’s 3d. Software, hardware and all the realms in between.  See cutting edge robotic capabilities, program your own code, ignite the possibilities through game learning.  Bleeding edge, and old school – the tech will make your smile hurt.


Entrepreneur_RocketBlueE = Engineering, Entrepreneurship

Whether you’re building a new business or building a bridge – E = invention, creativity, and thoughtful design.  Show off your new products, or interact with someone else’s exciting new idea.


Arts_PaletteYellowA = Arts

Flutes, knitting needles, pots and pans, dulcimers and toy trains.  The arts capture our emotions and bring our personalities to life in our invention. You can hear it, taste it, smell it, experience it – every sense is on high alert!


Maker_GearPurpleM = Making, Math, Music

The focus here is on doing. When you make something, rather than reading about it, or watching it on TV or YouTube, you create a fundamentally different experience of that thing, and you commit the entire experience to your bank of memories. This is what transforms a regular event to a STEAM Fest – every exhibitor will be DOING something and they want you to do it too!

Full STEAM ahead.

Do you want to know more about the STEAM Festival?  (Of course you do!)

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