Got Law? If You’re an Entrepreneur, Talk to Modus

Law is a Rube Goldberg machine, designed to do seemingly simple tasks in the most complex and inefficient ways imaginable. This can be especially frustrating for entrepreneurs. You want to draw up your founding papers, write a contract, protect or divvy up intellectual property? It seems like it’s going to take 52 steps filled with fans blowing beach balls across ramps, which trips a mousetrap, which launches a paper airplane, which frightens a cat, which somehow magically means that your legal ducks are in a row.

That is, unless you head into the Spruce Street office for a chat with the people at Modus Law.

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Calling All Makers!


If you are interested in being an exhibitor at the Faire, we may be able to accommodate your activity/exhibit.  To learn more, email Anne Fellini at


About a year ago, we got in touch with the folks at Make Magazine to discuss hosting a little Maker event, maybe in an elementary school gym. We imagined a cardboard building contest, an egg drop, maybe a couple presentations by local technology toy companies. If we lived in Boise or Burlington or Bozeman that’s what it would have been. But that day on the phone, Make Magazine heard the word “Boulder” and lit up like an Arduino board when you click the upload button. They said something like, “Dude, you totally have to host a Faire!” (Except maybe with a little less Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.)

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