Cardboard to the Left, Monsters to the Right…

C’mon, we know you want to sing it: Here I am, stuck in the middle with you-oo! And we’re right there along with you during these excruciating weekdays between excellent Maker events. We had a hootenanny at last weekend’s Cardboard Challenge. And we’re planning a hootenanny-squared for this Saturday’s Monster to Love building event. Consider registering early: we finally had to cap registration for the cardboard challenge and we expect Monsters to be equally popular.

You may have heard of Monster to Love, the Fort Collins company run by Ray Tollison and his sons, Sam and Ben, donates a hand-sewn monster to charity for every monster purchased. At Friday’s homegrown sew-fest here in Boulder, CO you and yours will have the opportunity to make two monsters: one to keep and one to give away. For $30 it’s not only a darn good deal for an opportunity to learn about the design-and-sew process from a family that lives it, but an opportunity to give a little monstrous joy to a child who could use it; Monsters to Love has given away more than 1,500 monsters to charities like Realities for Children in Larimer County and directly to hospitals around Colorado and abroad (because we all know that anywhere outside Colorado is “abroad”).

When you think about it, the idea flow is pretty logical for Sam and Ben, fraternal twins: you make two monsters, neither exactly the same, and then when you’re holding one monster you know that somewhere out there in the world is its twin.

“It makes you feel less alone,” says Ray, who by day is website manager for the aid organization World Relief.

Ben is the lead designer. Sam and Ray do the sewing. But they’re limited in their ability to reach people by the constraints of time and their 10 digits (well, 30 digits if you add them all together). Ray and the boys stopped by the Maker Boulder booth at the NoCo Mini Maker Faire and Ray said that he’s looking into the possibility of expanding past their basic Singer sewing machines. But until that happens, they need your help. And ours too: we’ll be there sewing and we hope you will be too!

Here’s the 411: Saturday, October 18, 3:00-5:00pm at Mackintosh Academy in Boulder. It’s $30 and preregistration is recommended. Parents should consider staying to help their kids under age 12 and the event isn’t necessarily recommended for mini-Makers under age 5 (you know: scissors, needles and all that).
Eventbrite - Monster to Love -- Create a Monster!

For inspiration, please see the Monster to Love Pinterest page, or the too-cute, ugly images below:


Cardboard Challenge: ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!

This is a pile of cardboard. This is Colt standing on top of a pile of cardboard. This Saturday, you can stand on top of this pile of cardboard with Colt. Not only can you stand on it, you can rip into it with zeal and gusto and perhapd even aplomb to build whatever cardboard monstrosities you can possibly imagine. We’ll be building arcade games and boxtrolls. You can build a city or a maze or a robot or a VAMPIRE SQUID ROBOT! Or you can built NOT A VAMPIRE SQUID ROBOT!

Help us rip into this pile of cardboard. The ball drops at 10am on Saturday the 11th at Horizons K-8 in Boulder. We’re expecting a heckuva turnout, so please consider coming at 10am, maybe with your own roll of duct tape and cutty-thing (in competent hands only, please). If you like, register HERE.

The event is free, but we just shelled out a ton of cash to make events like this and the Boulder Mini Maker Faire happen and could really use your help earning back our shirts. Donations appreciated at the event.



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