Google Brings Goodies to Boulder Maker Faire!

How many times have you driven past the Google offices on Pearl Street and wondered what goes on in there? A candy river made of pure milk chocolate? Experimental blueberry chewing gum? Now’s your chance to find out.

Actually, the Google booth at this weekend’s Boulder Mini Maker Faire will be less about what’s going on in the office than about what people who happen to be in the office think is cool. It ain’t about the Google products being built at Pearl and 26th, but all the maker-ish open source side projects that Google staffers want to share with the world.

One of these is called Interactive Spaces, which are physical spaces with interactivity, mixing the virtual world with the physical world. Check out what Liquid Gallery is doing with Interactive Spaces. It’s open source, so you can play too. Google says, “With this platform you can build immersive physical spaces, home automation, physical-based computer gaming, and museum and interactive art installations.” It looks like fun, fun, fun and this is you chance to get your hands on it and see for yourself.

Google is also bringing Google Cardboard, literally a cardboard viewer into which you mount your smartphone. Download a Cardboard-compatible app and you can experience your own Occulus-like virtual reality, for about $3.95. Or if you’re inclined, download the open-source Cardboard code and make your own apps.

In addition to open source goodies, we can’t wait to see what the local Googlers have been building. For example, we know that Steve Dieter, a developer on Wallet, builds an annual Halloween robot that, equipped with a motion sensor, waits for trick-or-treaters and then tells bad jokes in the voice of his daughter, Annika. What other wonders will Googlers bring? You’ll have to stop by the Faire to find out!