Writer’s Guidelines

Yes, we like to sit in our converted garden sheds huffing solder fumes. But then it’s time to get together. Show us your pictures, your projects, your huddled duct tape masses yearning to be free. By the power of Greyskull and the Internets, if you have events, hacks, lessons, tips, shout-outs, explorations, breaking news, Boulder resources, well-researched and intelligent rants, we would love to publish them! Following the guidelines below offer the best chance of acceptance – but we are open to anything as long as it’s well-written and interesting to the Boulder maker community.

Format & Style

  • Nuts & Bolts: Roughly 300-1,000 words emailed to info@makerboulder.com in the body of your email or as a .doc or .docx attachment.
  • Images: If you require specific images added to your post, please email as .jpg. Our featured image dimensions are 928×350 (the image at the top of all our posts, that will also be shown on our homepage); we will resize other images as needed to illustrate the post, but if they’re too small, they won’t look so hot and we reserve the right to exclude. If no images are submitted with the post, we’ll choose one for you.
  • Title & Lead: Please spend extra time on your title and your lead – make the title snappy and newsworthy and your lead specific, observant and engaging. (If you start with generalities like “The Maker Movement is all about making things!” Sharon will find you and hit you in the kneecap with a tire iron.)
  • Byline: Be sure to include a byline of fewer than 100 words to accompany your article. This is an excellent place to self-promote.

Editing and Approval

We reserve the right to make minor content edits to conform to our editorial policies, which include good grammar and not sucking. We may also request more extensive edits if needed. We also reserve the right to accept or reject guest posts according to Sharon’s mood and/or consultation with tea leaves and the entrails of birds. (The most common reasons for rejection are sounding “corporate” or blatant self-promotion without adding value.)


If we find your post interesting or funny or informative or appropriately inflammatory, we are likely to publish irrespective of topic. That said, topics should add value to Boulder makers. Ask yourself if makers in the community would care about your topic; if the answer is yes, please send it along. Our best topics are how-to projects, slideshows or videos of awesome things you’ve done, Boulder-area event announcements, personal takes on national maker news, engaging maker or business profiles, and science or other coolness related to making or creativity or education or non-conformity.


We encourage you to promote yourself or your business in whatever you write, but to keep in mind that our goal is to offer value to our readers. For example, if you are a business with a cool new product, consider giving us 5 lessons about the making process that led to the prototype or give shout-outs to 5 collaborators in the Boulder community that made the product possible (or offer us a demo so that we can write an impartial review!). If you offer Maker summer camps or afterschool classes, consider writing how-to articles and promoting your activities in your byline. We will be sharing your post aggressively through our social media and encourage you to do the same.

Core Contributors

Do you have your tongue stuck to the frozen metal pole of a topic essential to Boulder making? Here’s your opportunity to connect directly to Boulder makers, hackers, tinkerers and startups. We are seeking a very few core contributors to this site. Email info@makerboulder.com for more info.